Keep Your Eyes On The Prize


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How To Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, offers more than 100 practical tips that will empower you to set your own goals effectively and achieve them and stresses the importance of setting performance goals that are achievable and feasible. This guide book also reminds users that performance goals are goals that can only be achieved by sheer determination and action, while outcome goals are usually situations that are sometimes out of our control.

Furthermore, this guide book emphasizes the importance of being specific when setting goals, while encouraging users to be absolutely certain of their desired target outcomes so these goals can be measured, reviewed and monitored. In essence, the setting of realistic goals is paramount if they are to be achieved. The excellent tips on goal setting and goal achievement is not about encouraging readers to aim for the sky, but instead aim for the ceiling instead, quite simply, because the ceiling is realistically more attainable than the sky.

Most importantly, How to Keep Your Eyes on the Prize encourages the application of reality check strategies relating to your resources, your skills. In fact, we are extremely confident that this excellent book goal setting will do more than assist you in achieving those goals.

In fact, the authors are extremely confident that the suggested strategies outlined in this excellent compilation, by way of simplicity and practicality will certainly become your ultimate guide to achieving smart goals successfully.


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