Changing Hearts & Minds Book


Changing Hearts and Minds is a combination of the following diversity and equality resource books: Hearts and Minds: A Resource Book of 60 Learning Activities To Affirm Diversity and Promote Equality (Vol.1) Hearts and Minds (Vol. 2) A Resource Book of 30 Learning Activities To Affirm Diversity and Promote Equality.

The aims of Hearts and Minds (Vol.4) are the same as Hearts and Mind (1) and (2) including the following strategies for delivering training, such as interactive exercises, mini-case studies, which are still considered the best strategy for achieving the following learning objectives. 1) Identifying different types of discrimination 2) Examining their own cultural backgrounds 3) Raising awareness about prejudices 4) Empowering a sense of human dignity 5) Recognizing cultural differences . 6) Reducing conflict. 7) Acknowledging Stereotypes 8) Identifying attitudes towards diversity.

The activities are divided into the following sections: 1) Gender Discrimination 2) Disability Discrimination 3) Sexuality 4) Transexual/Transgender 5) Racial Discrimination 6) Ageism 7) Religious Beliefs Each activity is generally presented in the following format with variations: 1) Name, to identify the exercise 2) Brief description of the purpose of the exercise 3) Normal time allotment 4) Equipment required 5) Consumable materials needed 6) Procedures suggesting how the exercise should be conducted 7) Short conclusion section 8) Helpful trainers notes Changing Hearts and Minds (4) Equality and Diversity Training Manual can be used to form the basis of induction training, facilitated study and self-directed learning for new and existing staff.

This activity book also encourages the use of interactive exercises, mini-case studies and role plays where learners can actively engage in situations that help them address organisational inequity, social injustice on a professional and social level. Most importantly, the exercises can be adapted and tailored to suit the needs of the client, facilitator and learner.


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