Fruits of the Soul 2




The Fruit of the Soul 2 is a collection of more than 50 inspirational stories based on the biblical term “Fruit of the Spirit” which sums up the nine visible attributes of a true Christian life, which are love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.

Fruit of the Soul 2, will show that when any who speaks of the work of the “Holy Spirit”, they are speaking about the operations of the Spirit of God in the material world we live in, and within us. The heart wrenching stories in this book also highlight the fact that God the Holy Spirit isn’t here just to hang out, or to do a miracle for sport, or bliss someone out for an hour or so. The Spirit is there to cause things to happen in peoples’ lives that bring them more in tune with God’s purposes on earth (and beyond).

When the Spirit starts changing someone, it shows as a growth in character, a change in their way of life that is good for the people they live among. They start actually being the person of love God calls us to be. This change in character and way of life breeds ‘fruit of the Spirit’, like the fruit grown by a tree can feed people and wildlife. From ancient times to today, abundant fruit from an orchard is seen as cause for hope and celebration. Abundant spiritual fruit of the soul also breeds hope and is well worth celebrating as the stories in this book suggest. Have a great read and God Bless

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