It’s Not You It’s Me



IT’S NOT YOU! ITS ME! Is a  19 chapter guide to understanding the complexities of relationships, which cover well know stages of relationships such as the Romance Stage, The Power Struggle Stage, The Stability Stage, The Commitment Stage, The Co-Creation or Bliss Stage, and Endings.

IT’S NOT YOU! ITS ME! Is more than just another relationship book. This particular offering is an excellent guide to understand the complexities of relationships that’s been written in a language that is funny, informative and easy to understand.

IT’S NOT YOU! ITS ME!  Is not a quick fix to relationships, neither is this book  about scaring people out of relationships with messages of doom and gloom, nor does it profess to provide a fool proof tick list of what one has to look for in relationships.

IT’S NOT YOU! ITS ME!  Is simply an excellent guide that is accessible to anyone seeking to understand their own relationships while offering perspectives and strategies to empower with knowledge in order to address relationship concerns.

IT’S NOT YOU! ITS ME!  Is also an excellent supplement for relationship coaches, counsellors and therapists, looking for guidance material for training, seminars and workshops.

Most importantly, this book, will allow you to respond to that proverbial statement  ” IT’S NOT YOU! IT’S ME….In a manner that you may not have been able to before. but will surely be will be after reading this book


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