Blackness Interrupted


Blackness Interrupted: Black Psychology Matters is an unapologetic homage to notable African American mental health providers who paved the way for the success of millions of other African Americans today.

Authors Nicól Osborne, MSW and Tamera Gittens, MHC skillfully provide an issue-based assessment of the literature gap regarding African American contribution to psychology in America.

This book celebrates the ongoing battle of commemorating African American legacy, those that have endured pain but persisted and pushed boundaries as they shared their extraordinary talent with the world.

Osborne and Gittens use phenomenal African American achievements in the field of mental health to help correct historical omissions, amplify the worldwide demand for a fairer share of education, economic development, health, and wellness, and reaffirm the commitment to continue to invest in African Americans who are underserved, undervalued, and underprivileged regarding involuntary Whiteness.


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