Delroy Constantine-Simms

A-Z of Negating Negativity

ebook, Hardback, Paperback



Dealing with negativity in life is inevitable. When we step out in the world we are going to deal with ‘saboteurs’ of life, the ones that come to destroy the opportunity to reinvent our adult selves, and they come in different forms and faces. It is how we handle these situations that define our ability to make conscious choices in life: either by filling it up with negativity or positivity. It can be unbearably tough to deal with saboteurs—people who pull you down with their pessimism, anxiety, and distrust. Constant exposure these saboteurs can result to you either becoming negative—hesitant, uneasy, and doubting—yourself, or to become uncaring, insensible, or even harsh towards the negative person.

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ebook, Hardback, Paperback


Delroy Constantine-Simms


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